Mindful Mats



Daughters Amanda, Leah, Hannah, and Belle with proud Mama, Janet

We are four empowered sisters raised by one enlightened mama seeking to raise the value of self worth with our mindful creations.

Mom is a career abstract painter whose art has proven to heal and bring purpose, so it seems only fitting to reproduce her beautiful images onto “life mats” which can be used for anything from yoga, meditation, prayer, fitness, stretching to use in the home for a kitchen or bathroom! We like to call it your “emotional real estate” or “your 2×6 ft. haven”. We were raised to seek truth and share beauty and we hope your soles and your soul are nourished by your new mat!!

Our Mats

Recyclable, eco sustainable, green.

Our mats are made from completely recyclable material, free of PVC and plastics and fumes. We are doing our part to keep rubber and old tires from our landfills. Each mat is 1/4” deep and very sticky, which we adore. The mats are 24 x 72”, and are created in California. Mindful Mama, Janet Roberts has hand signed each mat on the front right corner . Cleaning is a breeze with gentle soap and a sponge, your cleaning wipes or simply hosing it down and hanging it to dry. We girls believe in our mindful practice, not mind full…. and we love easy and pretty. And for all our little yoga babes out there, we must keep our planet healthy!