The French Hospital of San Luis Obispo commissioned me to execute angel wings for their Birthing Room in the new OB area of the hospital. Art heals!!!!



Each year I participate in workshops with at-risk kids from several non-profit mentoring programs from throughout the US. This month I painted with the kids and their “buddies” from Aspen’s “Buddy Program”, an essential and incredible agency providing real personal and community impact. Imagine if every child were given an individual mentor to help them grow and nurture their potentials. What a world that would be. After the kids paint on their specific piece of canvas, I assemble the pieces to form a painting which reflects our collaborative spirit. This year, The Buddy Program constructed a large YES Bas Relief sculpture. This large installation will be auctioned off at their annual July Buddy Bash and the proceeds will help contribute toward much needed services and supplies.

Are you a mentor?? It is a wonderful thing!

Please visit them at www.thebuddyprogram.org


Buddy Program Flag Project from Aspen 82 on Vimeo.

flag aspen



David Hougy, Angie Stewart and Deborah Daine of Aspen’s Buddy Program with the collaborative “flag” painting created with love by the kids and their mentors.(and constructed with love by me). This original work on canvas will be auctioned off in July to help benefit the Buddy Program’s many amazing on-going projects. Please see them at Thebuddyprogram.org


Screen shot 2015-06-02 at 5.49.37 AM




invite aspen show 2012

homepic“Exciting New Years mention!!  Pismo Fine Art Gallery in Aspen now represents my work throughout Colorado. Please visit their beautiful spaces in Denver, Vail and Aspen. Their elegant, peace filled galleries exhibit all kinds of mediums, and the curating of their galleries is thought provoking and profound. I am delighted and honored to be a part of their family.”




My dear friend and current representative on the West Coast, Deborah Daine is the quintessential master of simple chic, and her iconic, signature style can be seen in homes and businesses throughout the world. Please visit her at www.deborahdaine.com

The Council of 100 ensures the growth of Aid Still Required’s programs in forgotten areas around the world. Scroll over this painting by world-acclaimed artist Janet Roberts to view the council’s 2013 participants. Click on the image and visit the website.



With My dear friend, and fellow painter, Billy Zane
To view Billy’s gallery please visit him at www.billyzanemuseum.com

friends, the infamous Saturday Live Night Writer, Alan Zweibel, legendary comedian Larraine Newman,film producer Nancy Moonves, and the enigmatic Billy Zane at our collaborative show “Fresh Canvas” benefiting the Cancer Support Community-Benjamin Center of LA



Please join me and my dear friend, the artist, actor, director, Billy Zane, for an evening of graceful intentions as we celebrate the Cancer Support Community’s 30th Anniversary. We will each unveil 15 new works on canvas, proceeds benefit current programs at the Center in Los Angeles. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own original works on canvas and help a marvelous organization assist others in real need. I hope you’ll be there! Surprise guests and entertainment!!




click here for google maps
20729 Eaglepass Dr Malibu, CA 90265


Please join me for an evening of thought provoking art with my dear friend and fellow abstract painter, Billy Zane, as we unveil new collaborative work at The Vault Gallery in Cambria, on Main St. June 18, from 6 to 9 pm. Cambria is a beautiful seaside village just west of San Luis Obispo along the Central California Coast.



From August 20 to 28 ,this year, the first annual World Peace Festival will be held in Berlin. I have been invited, along with several other important contemporary painters and sculptors to take part in its group show, exhibiting in the DIE ALTE MUNZE. Ten large new works on canvas will be unveiled. This enigmatic event will be a once in a lifetime experience. I hope you can join me. Please refer to the WPF website for information regarding the schedule. Beautiful intention and beautiful people.

Most recent solo show in the Richard Meier designed all “green” building at 160 No. Canon Dr. in Beverly Hills, helping to benefit Environmental Media Association



Nicole Landers is considered one of Los Angeles’ premier environmental specialists. A LEED certified designer, and an advocate of all things “green’, Nicole has been a champion of the eco artist and designer, well before it became fashionable.

We found each other within a small group of “green” friends in LA, and it became clear that she and I shared the same vision. That eco sustainable art and design is not just the way of the future, it is the ONLY way of the future. If one is to consider the elements in their sofa, or their counter tops, or their bath tub or bar stool, than why wouldn’t they also want to understand what lies within the painting or the sculpture they acquire?

Nicole is responsible for one of the very chic and fashion forward “W” Hollywood Eco Model Residences at Green and Vine. Found within that eco sustainable model home that is so elegantly designed are 6 of my new works on organic cotton canvas. Look for more exciting collaborations with Nicole soon, as we continue to break art and design barriers and see outside the box. If you need any design consultation, Nicole is the perfect go-to person.



Since 1982, The Cancer Support Community Benjamin Center has insured that all people impacted by Cancer be empowered by knowledge, strengthened by actions, and sustained by community. All programs and services are provided free of charge to anyone, of any age, in any stage of their illness, and their family or friends. They are the largest Cancer support organization worldwide.

Being a 3 time Cancer survivor myself, I know how vital these services are, and how imperative it is that a space like this, is available for survivors and their families. The Center offers individual counseling, educational workshops, social activities, support groups, stress reduction classes, and Yoga, all free of any charge.

My work can be viewed at the Center, and all proceeds from the sales of my work is used to further the mission there, supporting the patient and their family. Please visit their site and see what fantastic things they are doing within their community. Everyone involved at the Benjamin Center are so lovely. If you bump into Ann, she has some marvelous stories about her parents to share with you. Simply magical!



My friend, actor and activist, Maria Bello, helped organize much needed relief in the aftermath of the Earthquake that struck Haiti last year. In 2010, her group spearheaded the opening of the Women’s Clinic in the Petionville Camp in Port-au-Prince, and together, with local Haitian women’s groups, they hired, and trained nurses, and now serve over 200 women a day. We Advance has gone on to do even more magnificent things, but needs our help. Please visit their site and see for yourself.

Some of you may not be aware of the extraordinary gender based violence in Haiti. For decades, Haitian born Barbara Guillame has been dedicated to making a shift in this issue. Together, with We Advance, they are making great strides to serve as educators, and provide a coalition for the health, safety, and well being of women throughout Haiti.

For a short time, you can acquire a beautiful pendent designed by Judith Leiber. All proceeds benefit these much needed programs. Please visit weadvance.org for more information. I look forward to collaborating with them in 2011.

The Monterey Coast Weekly annual
reader’s poll winner for 2010



Much excitement around my studio this last year. Record painting sales, important site specific commissions, terrific new creative patrons, and enormous fundraising dollars earned for many local, national and international charities. Through the efforts of my painting, I have contributed to helping many at-risk and in-need children and their families cope and prosper. I am so inspired by the stories I hear and the images I see. My painting is becoming more and more a universal language of emotion, and I am so grateful I can speak from my heart with color on canvas.



Please visit ema-online.org This inspirational organization mobilizes the entertainment industry in a global effort to educate all people about environmental issues and inspires all of us into action. In a collaborative effort of the heart, I will be painting 16 new large works with natural earth friendly zero VOC paints on organic cotton canvas, stretched on reclaimed wood bars, for a spectacular LA event in November. Funds raised from the sales of the work will continue to support EMA and the “Yes to Carrots” project. This program supports organic gardening and greenery in urban Los Angeles schools and assists under served communities to develop self sustained organic food sources.Without EMA’s Young Hollywood’s School Gardens program, many children would not feel soil in their hands, not taste a true vegetable, not understand the Earth’s and the Sun’s purpose. Together, everyday, we can make a difference. In our homes, in our communities, in our world.



Please visit www.peaceoneday.org Jeremy Gilley’s organization is one of hope, and love, and I am looking forward to helping them with an exhibition of my work entitled “A Beautiful Mess” soon. His newly released documentary film starring Jude Law, “The Day After Peace” , is an award winning masterwork. Peace One Day proves that we can, together, manifest life saving activities across the world each year. Please visit his website and buy the film, now on DVD.



I am currently working on a coffee table book, a compilation of works on canvas and thoughts on paper, Book One should be on the shelves by October’s end. It will be available here and at Amazon, please visit me again later for an update and some interesting excerpts.



Please visit my dear, long time friend and mentor, Laylon at www.vaultgallery.com She has been brokering 19th and 20th Century painting and sculpture her entire adult life, and is currently representing many extraordinary, contemporary artists in her gallery within the beautiful, charming village of Cambria, California. If you look closely, you’ll see some of my work in the space as well. I am tickled to be working once again with Laylon, she is a force to be reckoned with, and a truly passionate patron of the arts.



Wishing each one of you a very happy and healthy new year. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your kind and generous contributions throughout this last year and for your many thoughtful insights.



When I am working in my studio each day, I am reminded of the kindness of strangers. How we artists for many centuries have depended on this kindness.And without it, our desire to work in isolation, to create this mystery, to propose ideas and feelings on linen with paint..well, none of this would be possible without the goodness of those who are curious about our intentions…



Picasso said it best, that “inspiration exists, but it has to find you working”. Each day as I set out charting a new path for my work, what new and fresh idea excites me, what new color I may mix that helps represent a new thought, each moment is bathed in a constant sense of my value in the world. If I might help one person understand my message, see my clarity, feel my intention… then I have really accomplished something unique and stellar. And to that end, the patron who sees the work, takes the time out of his hurried day to experience the work, it is that person who connects me to my higher power, and my greater good.



2012 is a new year abundant in endless possibilities. An optimistic, thought provoking year that I am hopeful will see each of us united in a constant and steadfast cry for peace. We can whine about the economy, we can snivel about what we no longer have, or complain about the injustice that abounds, However, many of our neighbors do not have enough food to eat, or adequate water to drink, or shelter to keep them warm. Many of our sisters and brothers have experienced atrocities too shocking for us to even manifest in our minds, and their loss is unimaginable. Yet there is hope.



We must never stop assisting these good people. I hope you find it in your hearts to give of yourself this year. Whether it be time, money, clothing, your home, whatever resources you might have to help someone less fortunate than yourself. The love you feel within yourself, that fullness that exacts itself on you, is reason enough to open your arms to others.



My work is ignited by this one real, true conviction. That we are not alone. That we are each interconnected and capable of great good and together, we can raise our expectations for what this world ought to be. Thank you for all that you offer me. Thank you for your generosity and goodwill, and I am excited to share my work with you, as It unfolds this year. Please visit often as I will be working on a new body of work entitled “The Woman I Keep To Myself”… A compilation of large color field works on canvas that raise the emotional ante in this interesting and compelling game of life we play.



I will be exhibiting new work in 4 solo shows throughout the United States this year. Please contact me for a schedule…or just to pass a thought my way. Please remember that joy is our absolute birthright.



look for many new adventures to come in 2013…