The Buzz

“The Buddy Program, a mentoring program based in Aspen, CO, that serves nearly 1,000 youth and families each year, has had the great fortune and pleasure of working with Janet for the past two years on some wonderful art collaborations between her and the youth we serve. Janet’s continuous positive energy, enthusiasm, compassion and of course artistic and creative talents have been invaluable in leading artistic workshops with our kids, guiding them as they create collaborative and inspiring works of art that reflect the positive impact that our programs have on their lives. Once created, the art pieces take on a personality and life of their own, and stand as a testament to the community of the impact that we have here. And we have also raised tens of thousands of dollars for the program by auctioning off the art pieces, as well as from Janet’s generous personal art donations to the program. Janet is a joy to work with, and I cannot recommend her enough!”
David Houggy
Executive Director > The Buddy Program


“Janet Roberts is an artist in the truest sense, her emotional involvement communicated with abstract expressionist virtuosity, her understanding of color and shape and texture a reflection of her sensitivity and compassion. Janet’s paintings are beautifully evocative, elemental and often calming, created as validation to honor life, nature, and the power to heal. Her work is adaptive and complimentary to virtually any setting, bringing with it a uniquely pleasing and most highly recommended altruistic vision of experience, to be shared.”
Marco Barla


“How does an artist achieve success? Preparation, order, patience, endurance, acting in the face of fear and failure- no excuses, no bullshit. No one works harder than Janet and understands that in that work, inspiration exists. Her work is a testament to the way in which she lives her life. Honest, authentic, heartfelt, and fearless. “
Kelly LeBrock


“Janet Roberts, to me, is the epitome of who an artist is. She expresses herself with enthusiasm through her art as effortlessly as any force of Nature, without judgment or explanation. I live with her paintings which are infused with her indomitable spirit, reminding me constantly of our friendship and her love for our planet. Janet’s desire to assist numerous non-profits through her sharing of proceeds speaks highly of her commitment to do business in a way which works for more than simply the artist and patron. This innovative business model is a guide for us all. “
Frances Fisher


“I once heard a clueless young painter express scorn for a more successful, experienced one by saying that he “doesn’t even know what art is”. I believe Janet had defined exactly what art means. By sharing the rewards of her work with those less fortunate she has in essence, created a realized form of healing. For me, art is that. The remedy for an unawakened soul. Janet and her work are a revolutionary force today.”
Larry Curry, Former Curator, LACMA, and DIA


“The grand element of Janet and her work is that it is obvious to the viewer she listens to her heart above all other voices.  She is constant and clear and her paintings reveal her compassion for the human experience, and her steadfast commitment to the future”.
Jennifer Levinson


At the heart of Janet is this incredible sense of self reliance and the love she feels for her friends and family. These elements combined, are what powers her work, and fuels her need to continue creating new ideas in her head as well as her heart.  We find her work progressive and ever changing, yet steeped always in passion and a yearning for life. Her paintings embody truth, strength,and a strong sense of her  “joie de vivre”.
Diana Krall and Elvis Costello


“We were never abstract collectors. My husband and I came upon her work at a charity event, and more than anything else, we remember her rare sense of understanding.  Somehow, she “got” us, in one meeting.  It was as though we had known one another forever, and her work soon translated that familiarity.  We fell in love with her lyrical, beautiful colors and forms. She is one who runs ahead where there are no paths.”
Kate B.


“I commissioned Janet to paint something special for my bedroom and she said she’d give me several options.   When she arrived at my home and presented me with these various pieces, I was absolutely amazed and close to speechless. Somehow  after meeting me just twice before, she had captured my spirit and brought it to life in vivid color. I acquired three new pieces that afternoon instead of the one I had intended, and what I live with now, are images so personal, so true to my own nature, that I think Janet is every bit as much a mystic as a painter.”
Karen S.


“If you asked me what Janet does for a living,  I would reply, She pulls rabbits out of hats.”
Sharon S.


“Janet’s paintings are every bit as special and the craftsmanship and the execution is every bit as important as a Still or a Motherwell painting.  I adore her sense of humor, her respect for nature, and she has the knowledge and background of a curator. My homes and businesses feel intelligent, beautiful, elegant. I love that Janet decided after her last battle with cancer she would enjoy more and endure less.  That bravery shows in her paintings.”
Stephanie Meyer of Stephan-Cori, Carmel


“I met Janet through a friend who had several of her paintings. This was a woman I had to know.  Her work is powerful, engaging, and fearless.  When I finally met her, I knew that this was a very special person.  After all her challenges, she not only sees a light at the end of the tunnel, but she becomes that light for others.  This hope shines through her work.”
Carla Lindorff


“I have always admired the limitless facets of beauty, in art and music, in nature. Everywhere. However, never before had I been as instantly involved and connected with a painting as I was the first time I saw a canvas by Janet Roberts. Her colors reached out and grabbed me…and never let go. Janet’s work rocks your senses with its forms and shapes, layers of colors and complexity. When you meet her, you understand why. Janet’s paintings make my world a better and, clearly, more beautiful place.”
Barbara Vinje


My husband and I found ourselves with a large wall in the dining room that needed attention. That’s when Janet Roberts entered our lives. After spending about fifteen minutes in our home she declared that she had the perfect piece to fill the void. Not having seen her work we were reluctant. Janet arrived the next day with this enormous piece of art that was certainly different than anything we currently owned. That piece changed our room and how we view all of our other art as well. It’s beautiful abstract scene is full of life and color. It was part of her “Windows on the World” series and it fills us with wonder every time we look at it. That piece has been part of our world for over a year now and we never tire of looking at it.
Richard and Karen Curtis


“I bought one of Janet’s large paintings because of how attracted I was to the colors and the composition. It looked magnificent on my dining wall. And it reminded me of a image I once saw in a dream. But, after living with the painting for a time, I am now most attracted to it for its sense of tenderness. The painting depicts a feeling of care, of love, of a careful respect, a revery.  It is obvious to me, and to the people I have in my home, that this artist knows a thing or two.”
Dede B.


“I am certain, with the loyal client base that Janet has, she will receive many kind words about her paintings for this website.  And I couldn’t agree more that her work is powerful and brilliant. But I want to mention something about this woman.  What makes Janet’s work so good, so compelling, in this cynical world we reside in, is her bravery. She crosses borders recklessly, refusing to recognize any limitations…the core of her radiates this, and her work is largely based on this one, sole, true force.”
David Lynch


“It is clear that Janet has explored a variety of directions and themes and ideas over the years, but I think, in her paintings, you see the signature of one painter, of one hand. That is incredibly difficult to achieve as an abstract painter. Her paintings consist of something. That something is for the viewer to decide, but it is very clear when you see an exhibition of her work, that a complicated, yet hopeful hand has created it.”
Ricki L.


“If Janet could invite each of you into her studio, her inner sanctum, where she gets out her paints and her perspective, and gives color to ideas as abstract as her expression, she’d ask you to join her in a wordless conversation with her canvases. And you would likely understand her message. You’d talk about the human condition and the uncertainty of weighing so heavily in its perch ”upon a brittled branch”. You’d explore the inevitability of this uncertainty as her most valuable constant companion, and you’d be perfectly within your rights to decide whether the painting worked with your couch or your constitution. Janet and her work is a force.”
Lisa Crawford Watson


“Janet’s ability to formulate and execute site-specific works is uncanny. She has absolutely no ego when I request a painting with certain colors, tones, size, or composition. She never fails to make the client happy, and is always on time and within budget. As a designer, it is refreshing that Janet is there to help absorb some of the stress, and my clients find her funny, smart, and always a talent.
Veronica O’Shea Designs


“Every abstract artist paints what she is about. And in that light, Janet’s paintings evoke warmth, strength, passion and vibrancy. With multi-layers of rich texture, and empowered color, her work is sometimes calm, often playful, and always bold.  In all cases, her enigmatic color-fields draw you in, creating an unsuspecting and powerful emotional response. When you see one of her paintings hanging in a room, it has purpose, it augments, and it is uncritically admired”
Lindsay Walker Photography


“Janet’s paintings are not just a reflection of her experiences over her lifetime, but every one’s experience.  She blends these beautiful colors and layers that reveal themselves as images of light and dark, male and female, tragedy and success. I own several of her works, and each day find myself lost in them.   It isn’t important that you meet her, to enjoy her paintings, but my life has been enriched by her presence. She embodies the true renaissance woman.”
Sarah Hainstock


“Her immense canvases represent her as a talented colorist whose work cannot be easily classified. Her work ranges from loose lyrical images at times, to bold grid-like forms that possess her signature, powerful gestures and symbols. I love that she was not simply fulfilled painting and selling her work, and that she found by investing her time and energy toward local charities, she was even more inspired to create. She and her work  are a testament to the “karmic idea” that what we give out, will come back to us.”
Jennifer Hodges


“Janet Roberts has made me a convert: I have never really appreciated the abstract genre. Janet has changed that! Her dreamy, soothing, gorgeous works of art have opened my eyes to the beauty of her abstract world. Every time I am around her pieces, I want every one of them!  What a gift to the world!”
Dina Eastwood


“I travel extensively, and far too often for my work, so once I am home, it has to act as a sanctuary for me. I have filled it with many of Janet’s paintings. They are beautiful, intelligent, and peaceful. Her paintings make my space feel more like a “home”. I am grateful to call her and her lovely daughters, my friends.”
Marshall Faulk


“My parents bought me one of Janet’s paintings last year for Christmas, and I can easily say that it is the most memorable and special gift that I have ever received. The title of the painting, ‘Home’, could not be more fitting. The warm colors, deep layers, and beautiful lines remind me of home in Steinbeck’s Pastures of Heaven. Not only is Janet a talented artist, but she is a beautiful person as well. Her thoughtfulness, authenticity, and strength truly do come out in her paintings.”
Meredith Hoffmann


Janet’s paintings are spontaneous gestures born of her experiences and her effervescent personality. Her paintings draw you in with their bold or quiet colors, and bighearted or thoughtful gestures, all of which are reflections of the woman herself. All her work is a feast for the eyes, with the soul of an astonishing, passionate person shining through ..
Shawn L.


The first word that comes to mind for me when I think of Janet Roberts is ‘Wow!’ Janet is an incredible bundle of energy. This energy comes through in her paintings. I love color so when I saw the photos of Janet’s paintings I knew I had to see them. I was thinking of purchasing one painting. Janet drove up with a truck load of canvasses. I was in love the minute she started to unload them. I bought 4 paintings that day and 2 more for my office during our next visit. Janet’s paintings all have a story. There is an incredible amount of light that emanates from her work. Her colors are so saturated and rich. While you do not need to meet Janet to fall in love with her work, you should meet her as it will be a real treat.
Cynthia Rotwein


“Janet is just a delight. She and her work are so full of life. We love, love, love our paintings. We both have sat beside our parents as they struggled with illness and passed away, and these heart wrenching experiences have cast a sad shadow in our home. Janet’s paintings have brought about a renewed sense of light and healing, not only to our walls, but within our walls. “
Jon and Christine Bransted of Cinder Farms