Janet Roberts is an abstract painter who uses environmentally sustainable materials and works in an off-grid studio in Central California. Janet has been influenced since her early childhood days by the forms and colors of the pastoral farm-scapes and rich lake-scapes of her home state of Michigan. However, the impact of her mother’s illness and eventual death with cancer would prove to be her most enormous emotional influence. She studied art history and participated in summer fine art classes at The Cranbrook Institute of Arts as a child. She did volunteer work as a docent at the Detroit Institute of Art while a young student. She was assistant to the 19th Century American Curator at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art while attending college in Los Angeles. Janet did undergrad work in American Art History at the University of Southern California. She is considered an expert and performs as an appraiser of 19th and 20th Century American painting and sculpture.

After a long and prosperous career art consulting in California, Janet was faced with cancer. Three surgeries and two treatments later, she decided to follow her early dreams of becoming an abstract painter.

Primarily self-taught, what Janet lacked in formal training, she made up in hard work and perseverance. Several years, four daughters, and many paintings later, Janet’s work can be seen in many important contemporary collections. Her clients include writers, designers, composers, painters, artists, actors, and sports figures. You can see her work in hotel lobbies, on television show and movie sets, corporate hallways, and wonderful, unique residential homes.

Janet is influenced by the American Abstract painters of the 1950’s, including Richard Diebenkorn, Helen Frankenthaler, Robert Motherwell, Franz Kline, and Mark Rothko. The colors of the sea and shore; the pastures where her horses graze and the sunlight playing against the foothills of her home all help provide her work drama and intensity. In her paintings, she works in broad, brilliant strokes, using techniques and tools that contain a very signature style.

Janet’s home studio is rich in charm and curiosity. Her Paint horses hang their heads inside her studio in amusement while she orchestrates her next body of work or plans her next solo charity exhibition. It is located high in the foothills of Steinbeck’s “Pastures of Heaven” in the fertile Salinas Valley of Central California. Visitors are always welcomed by happy dogs, beautiful paintings, new and fresh music, and her enigmatic style. Commissioned work is gladly accepted. Don’t be surprised if Janet manages to act as artist, designer, sister, therapist - clients go away feeling as though they have been understood for the first time. This painter, woman, mother, philanthropist, and friend cannot be pigeon-holed.



  • 2017 Bellweather, Solo Exhibition, Taylor Daine Goulet Gallery, Aspen, CO

  • 2017 Watershed, Solo Exhibition, The French Hospital, San Luis Obispo, CA

  • 2017 Janet Roberts, The Buddy Program, Aspen, CO

  • 2017 Janet Roberts, The Boys and Girls Club, Malibu, CA

  • 2017 Janet Roberts, The Mindful Life Project, Richmond, CA

  • 2016 Housewarming - Works on Paper, The Vault Gallery, Cambria, CA (benefiting at-risk youth)

  • 2016 Legacy Paintings, The Dream Foundation, Santa Barbara, CA

  • 2016 Janet Roberts, The Boys and Girls Club, Malibu, CA

  • 2016 Janet Roberts, Art for Abused Kids, Los Angeles, CA

  • 2016 Janet Roberts, The French Hospital, San Luis Obispo, CA

  • 2016 Janet Roberts, The Buddy Program, Aspen, CO

  • 2015 Janet Roberts, The Benjamin Cancer Wellness Center, Venice, CA

  • 2015 Janet Roberts, Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital, Salinas, CA

  • 2015 Janet Roberts, The Boys and Girls Club, Malibu, CA

  • 2015 Janet Roberts, Art for Abused Kids, Los Angeles, CA

  • 2015 Janet Roberts, Aspen Hospital, Aspen, CO

  • 2014 New Work - Communion, J. Alexander Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

  • 2014 New Work - Sand and Water, Art Wave, Malibu, CA

  • 2014 Housewarming, Private Residence, Carmel, CA (benefiting local children’s arts program)

  • 2014 Pop Up, Solo Exhibition, The Garage, Venice, CA (benefiting at-risk youth)

  • 2013 My Mother's Voice, Solo Exhibition, The Vault Gallery, Cabria, CA

  • 2013 Pop Up, Solo Exhibition, G’jelina, (benefiting Haiti)

  • 2013 A Constant Craving, Solo Exhibition, Pismo Gallery, Pismo Beach, CA

  • 2012 Raw Imaginings, Solo Exhibition, Gallery Afforia, Aspen, CO (benefiting Re-Gen Center of Aspen)

  • 2012 Fresh Canvas, 20 New Works in Group Show with painter Billy Zane, Santa Monica Museum of Aviation, Santa Monica, CA (benefiting The Cancer Wellness Community of Los Angeles)

  • 2011 Janet Roberts - The Laws of Nature, Opportunity Green Conference, Los Angeles, CA

  • 2011 Janet Roberts - Shifting Plains, The Global Green Conference, Los Angeles, CA

  • 2011 Commonwealth, Group Show, ARTSPACE, Malibu, CA (benefiting Artspace of Los Angeles)

  • 2011 World Peace Festival, 12 Works, Freies Museum, Berlin, Germany

  • 2011 Paintings For Peace, Traveling Exhibition, currently in Eslov, Sweden (benefiting global peace initiatives)

  • 2011 You Done With That? - Eco Duet Show with Billy Zane, The Vault Gallery, Cambria, California

  • 2011 Seeking Truth, Solo Exhibition, The W Eco Hotel, Hollywood, California (benefiting The Cancer Wellness Community of Los Angeles)

  • 2010 Studio Dharma, Solo Exhibition, Studio 441, Corral De Tierra, CA (benefiting the Monterey Mammography Center)

  • 2010 Collaborations, Solo Exhibition, The Richard Meier Gallery, Beverly Hills, CA (benefiting Environmental Media Association’s Los Angeles public school garden programs)

  • 2009 Views From The Monastery, Solo Exhibition, Gallery 211, Carmel, CA (benefiting micro loans for single mothers)

  • 2009 Intentional Fortitude, Solo Exhibition, Studio 441, Corral De Tierra, CA (benefiting under privileged college students)

  • 2008 Gateways and Watersheds, Rancho Cielo, Salinas, CA (benefiting Rancho Cielo’s youth programs)

  • 2008 Taking Shape, Oya Gallery, Pacific Grove, CA (benefiting cancer community)

  • 2008 My Literal Worldview, Private Residence, Pebble Beach, CA (benefiting at-risk youth)

  • 2007 The Woman I Keep To Myself, Solo Exhibition Gallery 211, Carmel, CA (benefiting at-risk youth)

  • 2007 House Warming, Solo Exhibition, Rodney Hunter Gallery, Monterey, California (benefiting cancer community)

  • 2006 The Theory of Pink, Solo Exhibition, Lauren Grove Gallery, Gross Pointe, MI (benefiting breast cancer wellness)

  • 2006 When Push Comes To Shove, Gallery North, Carmel, CA


  • Alternavida

  • Aspen Valley Hospital

  • Cancer Support Community Los Angeles, The Benjamin Center Wellness Center

  • Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

  • Dream Foundation

  • Mr. Marshall Faulk, Retired Running Back, NFL

  • The Hannah Corporation

  • Irene Moore Children’s Heart Clinic at Stanford

  • The Mii amo

  • Dr. Marcia McNutt, President, National Academy of Sciences

  • Nancy Ausoni Mammography Center

  • Oracle

  • Regional Heart Center, Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System

  • Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital

  • Stanford Heart Surgery Clinic

  • The Stewart Foundation

  • The Stollmeyer Family Birthing Center at The French Hospital, San Luis Obispo

  • Time Warner

  • The Walton Family Foundation

  • Westin Hotels & Resorts

  • The W Hotels