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"At the heart of Janet is this incredible sense of self reliance and the love she feels for her friends and family. These elements combined, are what powers her work, and fuels her need to continue creating new ideas in her head as well as her heart.  We find her work progressive and ever changing, yet steeped always in passion and a yearning for life. Her paintings embody truth, strength, and a strong sense of her  “joie de vivre.”

- Diana Krall & Elvis Costello

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“I am certain, with the loyal client base that Janet has, she will receive many kind words about her paintings for this website.  And I couldn’t agree more that her work is powerful and brilliant. But I want to mention something about this woman.  What makes Janet’s work so good, so compelling, in this cynical world we reside in, is her bravery. She crosses borders recklessly, refusing to recognize any limitations...the core of her radiates this, and her work is largely based on this one, sole, true force.”

- David Lynch


"I travel extensively, and far too often for my work, so once I am home, it has to act as a sanctuary for me. I have filled it with many of Janet's paintings. They are beautiful, intelligent, and peaceful. Her paintings make my space feel more like a "home". I am grateful to call her and her lovely daughters, my friends."

- Marshall Faulk


“Janet Roberts, to me, is the epitome of who an artist is. She expresses herself with enthusiasm through her art as effortlessly as any force of Nature, without judgment or explanation. I live with her paintings which are infused with her indomitable spirit, reminding me constantly of our friendship and her love for our planet. Janet’s desire to assist numerous non-profits through her sharing of proceeds speaks highly of her commitment to do business in a way which works for more than simply the artist and patron. This innovative business model is a guide for us all.”

- Frances Fisher

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"How does an artist achieve success? Preparation, order, patience, endurance, acting in the face of fear and failure - no excuses, no bullshit. No one works harder than Janet and understands that in that work, inspiration exists. Her work is a testament to the way in which she lives her life. Honest, authentic, heartfelt, and fearless."

- Kelly LeBrock